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Qualifications: 8,6 of average score in selectividad.

University: I would like to go to the UPV´s faculty of education because is here in Leioa and  I wouldnt need to study far away from home. Thats why i wouldnt need any type of accomodation because I would sleep at home. In that way I would save a lot of money

Money: They are 9hundred$ per year more o less, so, i guess i would spend like 4 thousan $ for my education.

Description of the job: My duties in this job is to teach the new generation of kids between 6 and 12 years old. I would have to make and correct the exams and supervise the childrens. I would need to make meetings with the parents too.

I wouldnt need to travel in my job because i would be the most part in the school working and the timetable would be similar to the one i have now. I would work from 9 to 4pm in the weekdays and the weekend I wouldnt have to go to school.

About Myself: I think I am a suitable applicant because i am open minded , creative , hardworker , patient and I love sharing my experience and teaching to kids.

Responsabiities: My biggest resp would be to explain good in the class for helping them to understand everything easier. I think i would deal with everyone good to have good relation with schoolchilds.

my biggest streght: It would be my ease to face all the problems. I can deal with any tipe of problems in any condition.

My weakneess: I guess i wouldnt have enough autorithy with the kids, but I would work in my weakness to make it my strenght.

I handle streess and pressure good because of all my experience with it.

My goals in life are to became one of the best teachers and be proud of the progress of the kids

The salary requirements for the primary teacher is between 1 and 2 thousand $ in the basque country.

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