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Education was a lot stricter during my mum’s time and my day’s time. I did my primary school in a state-subsidized school and it was a single-sex, and I had many teachers of the old school. Later, when I went to secondary school and it was a state coed school.

I’ve never been expelled from my classroom but I’ve been played truant.

At school I learnt subjects by heart, I think nowadays, education is a lot more technology based. There are a lot more resources to provide practical experience and the internet has changed everything and the way of learn has changed.

When I was at school, I remember at secondary school they offered computer classes. So at school I would have to say my favourite subject was economics, so I ended up doing a degree in economics and working as an administrative assistant for a period of time.

Any subject that I hated? Maths, geography, history, I liked history. That was really interesting that was a real eve-opener into things that have happened in the past.

The only subject that springs to mind that I didn’t really enjoy is religio

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