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1)Which is the key concept of Socratic ethics?

His ethics around truth and good, the notion of good is a political category, not merely on individual one. This means that the good is what suits the polis or city, not this or that particular citizen. However, Socrates is aware of the need to limit this concept in a context in which the disparity of interests and expections leads to contradictory views about it. This is the meaning of the pedagogical work that will develop throughout his life and culminate with his sacrifice in favour of the laws of Athens. (His death sentence)

  1. Which is the difference between selfish good and political good?
  2. The knowledge of good precedes it’s application in the practical and political sphere: once the good is known, it posses the individual and directs him in all areas of his live, perfecting his character and his relationship with others. On the contrary, the ignorance of the common good, leads to the selfish choice.
  1. What is moral determinism?
  2. Consist of the idea that the known good determines actions without choice. In other words, evil is a matter of ignorance. Hence, the importance that the father of Athenian philosophy conferred on education.
  1. Why is so important to know oneself from the Socratic point of view?
  2. We live in a political community because is our natural place. I have to know my self to know where to live. I can’t live in a political society without giving my goods as contribution.
  1. Which is the main difference between the Socraticgood and the platonic good?
  2. For Plato: the good is no longer just a category of human action and life in common, but an independent reality from the metaphysical point of view, selfsubsisting, inmutable, eternal, uncreated.
  3. For Socrates: his doctrine about good is known as intellectualism or moral determinism good determines action without choice.

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