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Did you know that Germany have one of the most attractive educational systems in Europe for boarding students? Aaccording to some news paper Germany, England and France have been chooser by students to be destiny of knowledge, but, what about Spain?

Every year, Germany, receive thousands of scholarships and applications to get into university because out there, is totally free. However there is a set number of places. 
On the other hand, Spain have made students become closer to new technologies, not only the quality of education have improved, also new technologies have made students being motivated.
Spain and Germany are alike because both of them have their own language as a subject. Even both are loccled in Europe, Germany divide the students trough their clarifications, meanwhile Spain distribute them generally through  their age.
In my opinion, as students, we should take advantages of the oportunitees, for instance: getting into a university for free or find our job's dreams in other countries, because maybe it would be the lost chance in life.

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