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It is universally acknowledged that we all need money, some people to live, others to survive. Some of us agree that money is a good friend when one knows to "treat" it. However, there are those who think it is the evil among us. Nevertheless, it must be said that money is not a bad thing, it basically depends on how people use it and, above all, establishing the difference between necessity and avarice.

First of all, some people have clear thoughts about life and morals, for this reason it is as clear as the water what money is mainly for. This kind of people, with principles and good behavior, look at money as a friend, as a necessity, and use it for good reasons such as education, health, in-future activities and emergencies.

On the other hand, there are some people, believe it or not, that think money is the only one most important thing in the whole world and they would do anything for it. Owing to these "human beings" such as murderers, smugglers, drug dealers, gunmen, etc. Is why money is similar to devil. Nevertheless, let's think about this : When there is a murder, who is wanted? Money or a person/group of people?. We all know what the answer is, a specific person is the only one wanted for any crime, no money.

In conclusion, we all need money for everything; nonetheless, when money controls us, our life gets out of control, it rules our lives. Therefore, our actions give the real meaning for money, not itself.

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