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Yes. The treaty of Versailles was prepared with a different way of thinking than the usual in Europe. The Great Nations of Europe how to act following these rules, and the apparition of Hitler and Stalin accelerated the failure of the treaty./The concept of collective security was introduced by Wilson and it was a different way of acting in Europe. What it was usual in Europe was a system of alliances in order to achieve the selfish interests that benefited the parts. The Society of Nations, following this ideology, tried to prevent wars, but what it really did was to permit the aggressions of states such us Germany (Austria, Czechoslovakia and Renania) and Italy (Abyssinia and Ethiopia). They used punishment such as indemnizations in order to stop them but they were not effective./The main priority was Germany, the great loser of the WWI. They wanted to weaken them by military restrictions, reparations or territorial losses, but in fact they could not impose it and not even prove that it was done. The intentions of the Germans were unknown, and France and GB did not know how to act according to them. France wanted an alliance with GB but GB considered France the main threat to Europe, because they wanted to weaken Germany by the application of the Versailles treaty and expand its territories. While, this happened Germany was creating new alliances and expanding his territories./Hitler was the real threat. He lied in order to achieve his goals; the expansion of Germany wasn´t done to recover to the frontiers but to expand them. France and GB didn´t know which were Hitler goals. So, GB disarmed itself and France prepared the defense. The democracies thought Italian expansionism would be a bigger problem and this resulted on the alliance of Italy and Germany. When Hitler tried to recover the lost territories of Czechoslovakia, he was called to the Munich conference, with Italy, GB and France. Basically, what they granted that if the territories of Czechoslovakia were given to Germany there would be peace. But after the conference Hitler invaded the territories and the whole state. The peace would depend on Hitler´s intentions who achieve the liberation of Germany from the treaty of Versailles.

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