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1. What are the three basic forms of engineering experiential education?
1. Cooperative Education.
2. Internship.
3. Summer.
2. Name one professional society that supports engineering disciplines, functions, and accreditation process.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Inc. (IEEE).
3. What does NCAAA stand for?
National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.
4. Identify the six key steps in the design process.
1. Define the problem to be solved.
2. Acquire and assemble pertinent (relevant) data.
3. Identify solution constraints and criteria.
4. Develop alternative solutions.
5. Select a solution based on analysis and alternatives.
6. Communicate the results.
5. Name four design opportunities and challenges of the future?
1. Energy.
2. Environment.
3. Infrastructure.
4. A competitive Edge in World Marketplace.
6. What does ABET stand for?
Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology

Determine the equation of the line best representing the points using the method of selected points. The data points are recognized as belonging to a family of curves whose general equation can be written as
y = bemx
Modify this equation by taking the logarithm of both sides
log_10⁡〖(y)〗=mx log_10⁡(e)+log_10⁡(b)
Select two points on the line, A(t1, I1) and B(t2, I2) and record the values of these two points.
Points A and B should be widely separated to reduce errors.
A(0.2, 1.64)
B (0.5, 1.21)
Substitute the points A and B into ln⁡〖(I)〗=mt+ln⁡〖(b)〗
m and b are solved simultaneously
m = -1.01
b = 2.00
The equation of the line can be written as
I = 2.00e-1.01t

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