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Creationism 1650 Archbishop Usher. Calc bible records earth create on sun Oct 23 4040bc. Life forms immutable (Unchangeable). Actualism 1795 James Hutton. Geographical processes (Ex. Erosion) is going on. Uniformitarianism Charles Lyell earth has and is changing. Same process at work today (mountains form) continents move. Slow gradual changes.
Evidence, Niagra falls, Grand Canyon.
Inheritence of acquired characteristics Concept of use and disuse. 1800s Jean Baptise Lamarck. Characteristics passed on from one gen to next. Individuals become better adapted to their environment (pass on valuable traits(use) and lose useless(disuse). Pass on traits because they survive better. 
Population of growth 1830 Thomas Malthus Population produce more offspring than the resources in the environment can support. Population generally stay constant in nature.
HMS Beagle. Journey to Galapagos Island. Charles Darwin 1831. 1836. Bio geography. Study of distribution of organisms based on living specimens and fossils. 

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