How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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normally in our country the varieties of things have changed In my opinion I think that everything that has been transformed is something Positive, but at the same time a little negative for example the electronic Devices have evolved from generation to generation and I speak of cell phones, Tablets, laptops, computer, thanks to technology now everything is easier, now We can wash clothes with the appliance of the washing machine, we can iron the Clothes and the refrigerator that stores our products that we buy in the Market, the TVs that now have internet, the camera that has good technology at The moment of the photos, videos, cell phones that today have a new generation And is easier to use.

In the family life has changed lately because now all Damilias can spend more time with their children since there is the train Station is more difficult to arrive, now that each family has a car I can go Out as many times as I want and wherever .

people now spend their free time in the parks with their Friends before it was very dangerous orque there was a lot of crime but now There is more security in every place you go and the young people can spend More free time without discomfortt

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