How do computers affect the way you spend your free time

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Can you imagine living without computers? It cant be that hard, right? Well, certainly, it wont be... But I dont think its unchievable

There is no need to argue about the way technology has changed our lives, in fact, almost every thing we know wont have exist without it. So, can we manage to live without computers? The answer is yes. As far as Im concierned many of us are using this de ice even less than ever the past years, why? Simple, because ze have our smartphone, which are basically a small, potable computer.
In addition, using often this gadget can be beneficial. For instance, whenyou have to do homework instead of looking it UP on the web you may actually go to the library and read. Also you will have more free time, which you can spend doing other things, like enjoying nature or going out with friends.
All in all, living without computers doesnt sound so bad after all. It can be difficult, considero g how much technology has changed our likes, but its definitely not impossible

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