Complaint about Incident at Big Road Restaurant

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C/ Gozón, 16 4ºD



Big Road Restaurant

Calle Rojo



Friday, 23rd November

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to complain about an incident in your restaurant last Saturday. I was having dinner with my family when the incident happened.

We ordered a mixed salad without peppers. It was a surprise when I saw a pepper in my salad. I am allergic to peppers and that was a very bad situation.

Futhermore, when we told the waiter, he was extremely rude with me because he said that I did not tell him anything about that.

Before this problem, I had a very good opinion about your restaurant because I have eaten there two more times and it was very good. However, after this I am so disappointed. I understand that sometimes there are problems with food, but your waiters should be more polite.

Yours faithfully,

Paula García.

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