Comparing the surface wind to the 3000ft wind:

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Hidroelectric power:at hidroelectric power stations, the water is held behind the dam turns a giant turbine,which moves generators and makes electricity.China brazil and canada are the main producers.The largest dam in the world is three gorges dam on the yangtze river in china.
Wind power:wind has become very important for producing energy.Wind turbines are becoming more a more efficient.China,the usa,germany and spain are the largest producers.Drawbacks:the impact of windfarms and the killed birds
Solar energy:solar thermal energy:uses the energy from the sun to heat water to below 80C and use it for heating and other domestic purposes.
Biomass energy:biomass energy is produced by transforming organic materials ,such as forestry,agricultural an urban waste,into energy.The energy firm biomass is used directly for heating or to produce electricity .France is the largest (in the eu)consummer and brazil is the leading ethanol producer.
Geothermal energy uses the heat form the eart.
Tidal energy:this tyoe if power yses the enery that results from the rise and fall of the tides which are caused by the gravity of the moon pulling the oceans towards it.Energy can also be obtained from waves , sea currents or the difference in temperature between deep and surface water. The largest tidal power station in the world is sihea lake in south korea

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