Comparative and Superlative Adjectives, Past Simple, Future Simple, and Present Continuous

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adj+er+than ejm: Oscar is taller than Blanca / Susana is more famous than Kia


the+adj+est ejm: Susana is the happiest / Eloddie is the most wonderful

Irregular Adjectives:

good / better than - the best; bad / worse than - the worst; far / further than - the furthest.

Past Simple:

+ed - didn't / did; Past Continuous: +was were - wasn't werent / ¿was were; ing en todos

Future Simple:

s+will+inf / s+will wont+inf / ¿will s+inf? ejm: I will go to the dentist.

Be Going To:

s+V to be+going to+inf / s+v to be+not+going to+inf / ¿v to be+s+going to+inf? ejm: I'm going to go to the dentist

Present Continuous:

s+v to be+v ing+ / s+vtobe+not+v ing / ¿v to be+s+v ing? ejm: I'm going to the dentist.

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