Common Phrases and Idioms for Everyday Conversations

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Call Back

Call back someone after a missed call or message.

Cut Off

Disconnect or end a phone call abruptly.

Get Through

Successfully connect with someone on the phone.

Hang Up

End a phone call by putting the receiver down.

Listen In

Secretly listen to a conversation without participating.

Make a Call

Initiate a phone call to someone.

Quieten Down

Reduce noise or become quieter.

Ring Up

Call someone on the phone.

Run Out Of

Exhaust or deplete the supply of something.

Switch Off

Turn off a device or appliance.

Top Up

Add more credit or funds to something.

Turn Down

Decrease the volume or intensity of something.

Be Disqualified From

Be excluded or ineligible for something.

Boo Off

Express disapproval by booing loudly.

Carry On

Continue doing something.


Provide assistance or encouragement to someone.

Chase After

Run or pursue someone or something.

Climb Up

Ascend or scale a height or elevation.

Crawl Through

Move slowly on hands and knees through a narrow space.

Cross Over

Move from one side to another, typically across a barrier.

Dive Into

Jump or plunge headfirst into water or a liquid.

Get Over

Recover from an illness, setback, or emotional distress.

Jog Around

Run at a slow, steady pace for exercise.

Jump Over

Leap or spring over an obstacle or gap.

March Along

Walk in a steady, regular manner.

Ski Down

Descend a slope on skis.


Move lightly and quickly by hopping on one foot.

Swim Through

Move through water by propelling oneself with the limbs.

Walk Over

Step or tread on something while walking.

Be Bitten

Experience a bite from an insect or animal.

Be Hooked On

Be addicted or strongly attracted to something.

Be on a High

Experience a state of euphoria or excitement.

Be Up to Your Eyeballs In

Be heavily involved or overwhelmed by something.

Cost an Arm and a Leg

Be very expensive or costly.

Feel Down

Experience sadness or depression.

Get Out of Hand

Get out of control or become unmanageable.

Go on a Spending Spree

Engage in excessive or extravagant shopping.

Lie from Hand to Mouth

Live in poverty or with minimal resources.

Retail Therapy

Engage in shopping as a means of improving mood or well-being.

Shop on a Shoestring

Shop with a limited or tight budget.

Shop Until You Drop

Shop for an extended period until physically exhausted.

Tighten Your Belt

Reduce spending or live more frugally.

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