Common Phrasal Verbs and Their Meanings

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Phrasal verbs:

Peter found it easy to give up smoking. My sister has decided to take up yoga in the new year. We are all looking forward to going away. I phoned my mum last night but I couldn't get through. We asked our neighbours to look after our cat while. She took off her hat before. He doesn't get on with his colle. I'm looking for my keys.

World Building:

Disagree. What you're asking is simply impossible. I can't pay you in cash. It's illegal. If you fail the exam once, you can retake it later. Don't be so impatient. Don't throw away that envelope. You could reuse it. Dave's really unlucky. He lost his winning. I don't recognize my flat. My wife's rearranged it again. You don't have to wear a tie, it's an informal meeting. Don't be so impolite.

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