Common English Phrases and Expressions for Language Learners

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1. You must be wondering why I haven’t phoned you.

2. The heavy rain prevented us from having the picnic we had planned.

3. Recently, there has been a rise in the number of people who study a degree.

4. It was a matter of minutes before the police came.

5. Can anyone come up with a solution to this problem?

6. Are you accusing me of not telling the truth about what happened?

7. I haven’t got round to phoning you, but I’ll do it soon.

8. Economists say that there is no doubt that the situation will get better.

9. It was my mother who/that got me interested in reading.

10. What is that’s causing you such a lot of confusion?

11. She made a very quick decision without giving enough thought to the matter.

12. It was a while until/ till/ before they fully understand what I was explaining.

13. That matter isn’t worth arguing about.

14. Should there be a/ any delay to your parcel, contact us.

15. I wouldn’t dream of studying another degree.

16. Those two books don’t have anything in common with each other.

17. To my surprise, nothing went wrong when we travelled to Canada.

18. You shouldn’t have sped however well you drive.

19. I had no idea (that) universities cost so much in Spain.

20. It’s such a small detail that you shouldn’t let it get you down.

21. The Prime Minister is reported to be making a recovery in hospital now.

22. I don’t take English seriously according to my teacher.

23. There is hardly any petrol left in the car.

24. I was desperate to give the new boss a good impression.

1- Under no circumstances should you ever let anyone else use your identity card.

2- An experienced accountant has now taken charge of the running of the football club.

3- If he doesn't get that job, there is no way of knowing what he'll do!

4- The burglars may have gained entry by forcing open a fire exit.

5- Many people believe that Edison is capable of winning the world championship in judo.

6- Leo's decision to give up basketball came as a disappointment to me.

7- He dislikes being taken for granted by his friends.

8- I need to get my passport renewed because I´m going abroad this summer.

9- I was wondering if you were willing to look after my dog while I'm away on holiday?

10- I can see no point in that old computer being repaired.

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