Common English Phrasal Verbs with Prepositions

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dream about, of
dress in
be engaged in (business) to (sb)
be equal to
escape from
exchange for
excuse for
experiment on (subject) with (use)
explain to
be familiar with
be famous for
feed on
be fond of
be full of
be furious about (sth), with (sb)
be generous to (sb)
be glad of
glance at
be good at
be guilty of
head for
hear about, of
hope for
be ideal for
impose on
improve on
inform of
inquire into (sth) about (sb)
insist on
be interested in
introduce to
invest in
be involved in
be jealous of
join to
be keen on
be kind to
laugh about (event) at (sb; joke)
lean on
lend to
be limited to
listen to

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