What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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modales de pobabilidad: must may might cant

de obligacion: must, musnt, have to, dont have to, need to, neednt, should

de peticion: may, would, could, can

consejos: should, ought to,

habilidad: can, could,, be able to

permiso: can, may

modales perfectos: modal+have+verb en 3ª

however: sin embargo  instead of: en lugar de  although: aunque  likewise: igualmente  moreover: a mayores

pasiva: verb to be+participio


reported speech:

present simple---past simple       today-----that day            SUJ+SAID (TO)+THAT+FRASE

p.Continuo----past continuo          tonight-----that night       SUJ+ASKED ME+IF/WH+FRASE

p.Perfecto-----past perfect          yesterday-----the day before  SUJ+SUGGESTED+ING+FRASE

past simple-------past perfect         last week----the week before (LET´S, WHY NOT, WHAT ABAUT)

past perfect-----past perfect    twommorrow------the day after SUJ+ORDERED ME+TO+INF+FR

will-----would                                next week----the week after

can-----could                                 hear-----there

must----had to                               now----then

come-----go                                  this-------that

may-----might                                that-----that


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