What is there in commom between the verb want and verb depend

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1Condition: IF+PresentSimple , WILL+Infinitive

2Condition: IF+PastSimple , WOULD+Infinitive
3Condition: IF+ HAD 3rColum , WOULD HAVE 3rColum

Impersonal Pasive: (belive,think,rumour,report) IT+(BE)+3rColum+THAT
Causative: Have + Object + 3rColum

Prohibition: can't, mustn't   Permission: can, (be) allowed to
Ability: can, could, (be) able to, Obligation: must, have to, need to
No Obligation: needn't         Advice: should, ought to, had better
Possibility: may, might, could     Deduction: can't, must
Modal perfects: S+Modal Verb+Have+3rColum  Q:Should you have told..?

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