Cold Weather Activities and Future Plans

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Cold Weather Activities

1P 1/2 Very cold - they freeze - hovercraft and dog sled - they single

1P 2/2 T-T-T-T-F-F
2P 1/6 Z-A-Z-P-W
2P 2/6 F-T-F-T-F
2P 3/6 Work in three teams - be quiet during the exam - don't be late for school - turn off your cell phone during class
2P 4/6 He is going to meet - We are going to see - They are going to graduate - I am going to hang out
2P 5/6 What are you going to do on Sunday - Why are you going to save money - When are you going to visit your grandparents - Who is she going to work with tomorrow
2P 6/6 Are you asleep - Going to stay - Are they taking - Going to attend

Future Plans

3P 1/4 Will they - I think she will travel - Won't be late for work - We will go
3P 2/4 Predict - Plan - Plan - Predict - Predict
3P 3/4 Shopping - Cinema - Swimming - Restaurant - Running
3P 4/4 They like pop music and trap because of its rhythm. The reason for this is to be fashionable, and parents will not like the music because it is very explicit.
They can listen to it with their friends, and they listen to it at all times, in the car or in the bathroom.

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