Causes of the Cold War and Franco Dictatorship in Spain

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Reasons for the Emergence of the Cold War (1947-1991)

In 1945, at the Yalta and Potsdam conferences, the Allies decided how to end WW2. In August 1945, the USA dropped atomic bombs on Japan. In March 1946, Churchill made a speech about the Iron Curtain, talking about a divided Europe. In 1947, Truman, the president of the USA, developed his doctrine to contain Communism. In 1948, the Czechoslovakian coup d'etat gave power to the Communists. In June 1948, US General Marshall created a Plan named after him to give economic help to Europe. In 1948-49, Berlin was blockaded by the USSR. Western allies organized an airlift. In 1949, NATO was set up by the USA and Western countries as a military pact against the Communist threat. In 1949, the USSR detonated its first atomic bomb, becoming the second country with nuclear arms. In 1955, the Warsaw Pact was formed between the USSR and its allies.

Franco Dictatorship

Autarchy and Isolationism (1939-1959)
On April 1, 1939, Franco ended the war. Spain remained neutral in WW2. In 1946, the UN condemned Spain. In 1952, rationing ended. In 1953, military and economic agreements were made between the United States and Spain. In 1955, Spain became a member of the United Nations.

Development and Opening (1959-1975)

In 1959, the Stabilization Plan set the precedent for development plans that led to remarkable growth in industry and consumption. The founding of ETA occurred in 1959. In 1956, the Press Law was enacted, maintaining government censorship with a more flexible appearance. In 1969, Franco appointed Prince Juan Carlos as his successor. In 1970, the Burgos Trial took place against 16 ETA members. In 1973, ETA assassinated the President of the government, Carrero Blanco. In 1975, the last executions ordered by Franco took place, including ETA and FRAP members. On November 20, 1975, Franco passed away.

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