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Experiment:Red Cabbage Indicator

Aim:To make our own indicator.

Background information:

  • The Red Cabbage is red in acid solution

  • Purple is a neutral solution

  • Greenish-yellow is a base solution

  • Red Cabbage contains a pigment molecule called FLAVIN(antocianina).

  • The red cabbage juice will work over a wide pH range.To identified substances(acid or Bases)

Conclusion:The red Cabbage works as an indicator because we could identify the changes of each substance and classifies the bu colour of pH.For that we needed the ph scale.

Experiment :Acids and Bases

Aim:To find which substances are acid and bases by using different indicators


  1. Indicators(blue and red Litmus paper)

  2. Samples

Procedure:Drop one drop of each substance on the indicators(the litmus papers) and record the change of colour.

Conclusion:When the red litmus paper changes to blue means that the substance is a base,If it stays red is an acid.

And when we have blue litmus paper and changes to red means that the substance is and acid,if it stays blue is a base.

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