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What materials are named ‘high entropy alloys’Are substances that are constructed with equal or nearly equal quantities of five or more metals.  Higher degree of fracture resistance, tensile strength, as well as corrosion and oxidation resistance than conventional alloys.What conditions must be satisfied to obtain HEA from a number of chemical elements?Gibb’s phase rule F=C-P+2Differences graphene and silicene.Silicene is not flat, it is more stronger than grapheme. Silicene’s hydrogenation reaction is more exothermic than graphene’s.3 examples graphene-like materials.Layered van der waals materials, graphic-like ZnO, mxenes.What are major applications of graphene-like materials?Solar energy cells, electrical batteries, medical aplications, LEDS, electronical industry.What properties are required for a material to be named biodegradable?All biodegradable polymersupon disposal they should easily break down. Non-toxic, capable of maintaining good mechanical integrity until degraded.factors controlling the rate of degradation?percent crystallinity, molecular weight, hydrophobicity 2 chemical reactions take place during biodegradation?those based on oxidation and those based on hydrolysis.What takes more time, composting or biodegradation?biodegradation What r types of thermal based biodegradable films and their prop?Biodegradable polythene film, Starch based or biobased (hydrodegradable) film, Oxodegradable, Enhancing Hydrophilicity of the Polymer the structure of graphene?Graphene is a 2D, crystalline allotrope of carbonMention the known allotropic forms of carbon.Diamond,Graphite,Graphene,Nanotube, Fullerene main properties of graphene?Good electrical conductivity, ultimate tensile strength, can transform light into electricity, very transparent How many times is graphene stronger than steel theoretically?It is hundreds of times stronger than most steels by weight. main difference between metallic glasses and other metals?Most metals are crystalline but metallic are not main advantage of metallic glasses?amorphous metals have good electrical conductivity, low shrinkage during cooling, and resistance to plastic deformation, good resistance to wear and corrosion.How many types of metallic glasses depending on composition and what are they?1Metal - metal metallic glasses, 2. Metal - metalloid metallic glasses.3 applications of metallic glasses in is used in high efficiency transformers ,  electronic article surveillance.Amorphous metals has softening behavior and it is used for thermoplastic forming of metallic glasses.

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