Choosing a Company, Work Placement, and Career Paths

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1) What reason does Michael give for choosing the company where he works?

R: Volkswagen was a good company to work for.

2) How did Sausay find a work placement?

R: Through personal contacts, with a family friend who recommended it to the managing director.

3) What is Michael's job now?

R: He works for Volkswagen in the design department, specifically on the exterior design for a new car.

4) How many applicants did VW accept?

R: In the apprenticeship scheme, VW accepted 6000 applicants.

5) Michael got a qualification in what subset?

R: In design and modelling.

6) What subject did Sausay study?

R: Sausay studied a master's degree course in management.

7) When did Sausay do his work placement?

R: Sausay did his work placement when he was looking for a summer placement to gain experience.

8) What is his job now?

R: He is a research consultant.

** How did you contribute in your work?

In the summer, I worked supervising the Hotel Los Carrera of my grandfather. My job was to supervise the workers and manage the finances. Additionally, I was employed in agriculture, where I was responsible for quantifying the quantity of strawberry boxes and unloading trucks. My main contribution in the agricultural business was negotiating prices and preventing the arrival of low-quality products.

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