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share a flat?Advantages and disadvantages 
Nowadays, there are people deciding to live downtown or young people wanting independency from their parents. They have the possibility of sharing a flat, but this idea has advantages and disadvantages.

Firs of all, if you are sharing a flat with another student, you will have company to talk and you won’t be alone. In addition, if you get on well with your flatmates, you can enjoy watching films together, have parties...Moreover, you can pay the rent half with your roommate and sharing housework.

On the other hand, there are also disadvantages. One of them is, maybe, the flatmates have different opinions about TV programs, music or meals. Other disadvantage is that you will have less privacy and you should have to share common areas of the house with her.

In my opinion, living with other student makes you get used to other people’s habits, noise and mess, so I wouldn't like it.

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