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4Match a word from A with a definition from B.

1       Creature A living animal or person

2       Hell  place where bad People are punished when they die

3       Hound  kind of dog

4       Marsh Very wet, soft ground

5       Moor  Open, rough, windy Land without trees

5Fill in the gaps using creep, faint, hunt, mark, sink. Careful: sometimes you need to Change the form of a word

a   ‘If Animals or men go into the marsh, they will sink Into it and die.’

b   ‘The People say it’s the Hound of the Baskervilles, which is calling for something To hunt and kill.’

c   ‘Why Had she nearly fainted when I told her             about the letter?’

d   ‘The Fog was creeping up from the marsh towards the House.’

e   ‘She showed us the Sticks which she and her husband had put in to mark The way.’

Choose The best answer.

1     Holmes and Watson first meet Sir Henry Baskerville at __B___.

2     Dr Mortimer reads out a letter About the evil Sir Hugo Baskerville who __C___.

3     Baskerville Hall is in the County of ___A__.

       4      Baskerville Hall is __D___ building.

5     Baskerville Hall is near a __C___.

6     Sir Charles died ____A_ of Baskerville Hall.

7     Watson goes to talk to Laura Lyons at __B___.

8     Stapleton had a _C__ in the north of England.

       9      Roger Baskerville, who was Stapleton’s father, ran away to __A___.

10   Sir Henry goes to have dinner At ___D__ and then starts to walk Home alone.


Choose The best answer

11   Sir Charles Baskerville gave some papers about the Baskerville Family to __C___.

12   Sir Charles was __D___ man.

13   Sir ___C__ Baskerville is the new head of the Baskerville family.

14   At first, __B___ goes to Baskerville Hall on the train to learn more about The case.

       15    ___A__ is a Dangerous prisoner who escapes on to the moor.

       16    _A____ falls in Love with Miss Stapleton.

       17    Barrymore is Sir Charles’ butler, he has a ___B__.

       18    Stapleton says that Miss Stapleton is his _D____.

       19    Stapleton is Helping Laura Lyons with her __C___.

       20    __B___ likes Arguing with people and studying the stars.

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