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testo past p/ continuos

h. Told/ h.B waiting/h. Drunk/h. Arranged/ h. A. Parked/h.B. Sitting/h. Sent/ h.A. Collected/h. Had/ h. Eaten/ h.E. thought/ h.A. Started.

complete using future continuos/ perfect 4 frasi

1. Will you be doing/ will be sitting 2. Will have studied/ will have lived/ will have been 3. Will have travelled 4. Will be playing /will be watching/will be complaining/will be doing

2 box verbi e proposizioni

starting at, live on, always complain about,rely on, don't speak to, Do you really belive in, listen to, pay for, apologise to, look after, Have you heard about, dream of.

passivo e attivo

It was thought that he was spending when he... , Nobody is belived to had been killed... , K.M is supposed to open the new child, The summer is supposed to be extremely hot, He is said to donate lot of money... , The hackers are belived to have done 50 credit cards, The exam was supposed to be on the 25 th feb, The new arts centre is said to be amazing .

word formation

concentrate, long then, academically, operate, surprisingly, summarise,class, shorten

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