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Practising a sport is important not only for people’s physical development, but also for their Development as a person. Do you agree? Why/why not? Give examples....
 I agree with this sentence. Practising a sport makes you healthy, attractive and physically strong. You Can control and coordinate your body better, which helps you in your life every day. For example, you Can carry heavy things and run to catch the bus or the train. Besides, if you play sport in a team, it helps You in other ways: you cooperate better with other people and respect them more. However, I do not Believe that it is a good idea to be obsessed with practising sport. Some people only live for sport in Competitions; they are depressed if they lose, and they can be aggressive with their opponents. This often Happens in football. Also, sometimes it can be dangerous and frustrating.

In what ways can a child’s future be influenced by his / her family? ...
Children are influenced by their grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles because they are with them Every day, and children are very vulnerable. They listen to them, talk to them, and often follow their Example. This example can be positive, so that in the future they enjoy nature, study hard or develop an Interesting hobby. Or their example can be negative, so that they are always alone, they become addicted To something, or they treat other people badly. They can be influenced by their siblings and cousins, Because they can become more communicative, and they can learn how to share toys and other things. If They are friends with their brothers and sisters, this can be a friendship for the rest of their lives

1.In this written Exercise I am going to talk about
2.What can we do to find a solution for this problem? What can we do about it? 
3.From my personal point of view…
4 On the other hand, and to be honest about it, I would like to say that… blah blah blah.
5.Furthermore ademas, such as como , Although aunque , However sin embargo,

present: i work/i am working
present perfect: i have worked/i have been working
past: i worked/ i was working
past perfect: i has worked/i had been working
future:i will work/i will be working
future perfect:i will have worked/i will have been working
future: i am going to(have) work/i am going to have/be working
conditional: i would work/i would be working
conditional perfect:i would have worked/i would have been working
modals: i can/could work/ i can/could be working
modals+have: i can/could have worked/ i can/could have been working

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