I choose to live

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Calm down:                      aching muscules:

Cheer up:                          sore back:
open up:                           siff neck
stress out:                         bruised knee 
calm down:                       swollen ankle
slow down:                       sprainted wrist
take up:                            dislocated shoulder
join in:                              broken leg
get up:                              itchy skin
cut down:                         allergic reaction
liven up:
losen up

campaign                         amazed/amazing
demonstration                 amused/amusing
issue                                 annoyed/annoying
march                               bored/boring
petition                            disappointed/disappointing
protest                             disgusted/disgusting 
rally                                  frustrated/frustrating
rights                               irritated/irritating
sit-in                                shocked/shocking
speech                             surprised/surprising

to: afford,agree,atteiupt,                  ing: advit,avoid,can't help,continue
decide, expect,fail,forget,help,         deny,enjoy,feed live,imagine,keep
hope,leern,like,marepe,heed,           like,mind,piechse,resist,stand,stop,
offer,plan,prepere,pretend,              suppest,to be wortu,miss,enjoy,
premise,propose,refuse,seem          love,go,suggest,hate,finish,
want,wish,want,demand,plan,          recomend,avoid,imagine,delay,like
choose,warn,invite,refuse,                resist,regret involve,postpone,
ask,learn,fail,offer,prepare,               fancy,don't,mind
would like.

0:if+present simple+present simple
if you heat ice, it melts
1:if+present simple+will
if it rains, i will cancel my trip
2:if+past simple+wouls
if i were you,i'd eat more fruit
3:if+past perfect(had)+would had
if i hadn't been sick, i wouls have gone...

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