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Does Susana like classical music?

-I can't remember if Susana likes classical music

How old are you?

-Could you tell me how old are you?

There do you live?

-Can i ask you there you live?

Where does he live?

-Can i ask you where he lives?

Where did you work?

-Can i ask you where you worked?

Do you like tea?

-Can i ask you if like tea?

Has he worked in London?
-Can i ask you if he has worked in London?

We hope to have the new producto on the market next year.

We've decided to gear the hotel to business tourism.

They hope to increase their profits by using promotional techniques.

If you let experts do your marketing you will get better results.

A questionnaire in each room lets guests make comments on the room.

Tourism providers have to gear their products to what the customers wants.

The Brazilian campaign was the cheapest.

The Languedoc campaign had the highest impact.

The most original campaign was the one by the Languedoc Regional Committee.

AT: direcciones, localizaciones

-Many people stay at our campsite.

-The guesthouse is located at 12 Noth.

IN: specifics  streets, town or country

-The hotel is in North.

-I d prefer to stay somewhere in the countryside.

ON: famous streets, floors, rivers, coast…

-I m staying at a hotel on fifth avenue.

-Our room is on the seventh floor.

BETWEEN: entre

NEAR: cerca, próximo...

NEXT TO: junto a, al lado de...

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