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The environment plays an important role in our lives and people wouldn't be able to live without it. However, we are polluting it every day and it needs to stop. As individuals, we can do lots of things to solve this issue, and this essay will focus on two of them - recycling and the efficient use of energy.

According to recycling, it is the easiest way to see an immediate change and everybody can do it. First, recycling bins are a great method of dividing our waste into paper, plastic, glass, etc., and they can be easily found in every city. Another idea is to reuse the things we have at home and make them new. For example, turning …. 

When it comes to the use of energy, there are many things we can do, especially at home. When we talk about electricity, turning off the lights when there is nobody in the room and using energy-saving lightbulbs are things that are a must. In addition, we can insulate our homes better with double-glazed windows, etc. And although this can be extremely expensive, in the long-term it pays off. Not only can we reduce the energy we use for heating, but also cut down on expenses.

To conclude, I would say that cutting the amount of energy we use will have a significant effect on the environment in the long run and we will definitely live in healthier world!

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