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  1. She live in amsterdam
  2. she start writing at 13 Years old, and she start writing in 1942
  3. she died in march 1945 in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.
  4. she was hiding with her Family, mr dussel and another family(7 people, sister, mother and father, Dussel and Van Daans family)
  5. She was fighting with Dussel because he didn't respect Anne Frank since he was selfish with her By not thanking the Franks or van Daans for sharing their hiding spot with Him or showing any gratefulness to their protectors
  6. Anne Frank prefers her Father because he talks more with her about her personal things, and her Father teaches her new things in life  and it's more understandable With Anne Frank
  7. They were hiding in the Secret Annex
  8. was concealed by a moveable Bookcase
  9. The father of Anne Frank (Otto Frank)
  10. Mr. Dussel think the Frank Family Fled to Switzerland

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