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6) Distribution channels for automobiles in Japan and the United States are similar in that most car buyers in both countries visit dealerships before making a purchase.

8) Kodak adopted a direct involvement approach in Japan by utilizing independent agents, distributors and retailers.

9) A distributor with good contacts is obviously the best one to select in terms of generating quick sales and revenues.

10) When utilizing the services of a local independent distributor, management is well advised to treat the distributor as a temporary market-entry vehicle.

11) An exporter that is new to a particular market would do well to choose a middleman with a reputation for "cherry picking" products.

12) When Carrefour, Tesco, or Walmart set up shop in developing countries, they provide customers with access to more products but at higher prices than were available previously. This is an example of global retailing.

18) Retailers may have a difficult time crossing borders if they fail to appreciate similarities in retailing environments, and consumer behavior and preferences.

22) The less frequently a product is ordered, the lower the inventory carrying costs.

27) Trucks capability is second only to water in terms of the variety of products that can be transported.

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