Chemical Compounds and Formulas

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Metal oxides

~name of metal ~oxidation num ~oxide
Tantalum oxide (Ta2O5)
Non metal oxides
~greek prefix ~nonmetal name ~oxide with greek prefix
Dinitrogen Trioxide (N2O3)
Metal non metal
~metal ~oxidation num ~ide
Vanadium(V) Sulfide (V2S5)

Non metal non metal
~greek prefix ~ide
Trisilicon Tetranide (Si3N4)

Metal hydrides
~hydrogen right ~metal ~hydride
Sodium Hydride (NaH)

~hydrogen left ~metal ~ide
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF)
Hydrochloric acid (HCl(aq))

~metal ~oxidation num ~hydroxide
Iron (III) hydroxide (Fe(OH)3)


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