Characters in Moby Dick

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Ishmael was deeply unhappy with his life in New York City. Yearning for an interesting life and a new job, he embarked on a whaling voyage that promised excitement and adventure. As a sailor, he would see the world and perhaps even encounter the most fearsome whale in the sea, Moby Dick. However, hunting whales was a dangerous and challenging task, especially for someone with limited experience like Ishmael.

Peter Coffin

Peter Coffin was the manager of the gloomy hotel where Ishmael stayed.


Queequeg, despite his somewhat eccentric nature, was a kind and decent man. He was quiet and preferred to retire early. His face, adorned with tattoos, might appear intimidating, but he was not a bad person. He had tattoos covering his body, including frogs on his legs, and he was a man of prayer. While he could display moments of savagery, he was not superstitious.

Captain Ahab

Captain Ahab, the Pequod's commanding officer, had lost a leg in a previous encounter with the great white whale, Moby Dick. His head was streaked with gray hair, and his body bore the scars of his battle with the whale. His artificial leg, fashioned from whalebone, lacked a foot. A long, frightening mark ran down one side of his face. Ahab was a solitary and enigmatic figure, rarely speaking to anyone, and the officers avoided engaging with him.

Captain Peleg

Captain Peleg, an elderly man, was one of the Pequod's owners.


Stubb, the second mate, hailed from Cape Cod. He was known for his calmness and ability to remain composed under pressure. Friendly and hardworking, he never showed fear in any situation. He was rarely seen without his short pipe.


Starbuck, the first mate, was a Nantucket native in his thirties. Years of hard work at sea had left him thin. He was a serious and responsible sailor who deeply missed his wife and child back in Nantucket. This longing made him kinder and more cautious than the other sailors, but he was also superstitious, as his father and brother had been killed by whales.

Little Pip

Little Pip was a cheerful cabin boy with a kind heart and a sharp mind. He often sat at the front of the ship, playing his tambourine. He never participated in the whale hunts. Pip was a small boy from Alabama.

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