Character Descriptions in a Small Village

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DAVE SLATIN: Polite, Young Man with Dark Hair and Green Eyes

Dave Slatin was a tall and rich young man who was popular in the village. He also had special powers.

ANNA: Assistant in the Corner Shop, Curious and Film Lover

Anna, a 17-year-old young woman, worked as an assistant in the corner shop. She was curious and loved watching films. She was also the promised one of Peter, and always had a happy and smiling demeanor.

PETER: Young Man and Soccer Player

Peter was a young man who played soccer. He was the promised one of Anna.

GRETA GORDON: Beautiful Film Star with Lovely Hands

Greta Gordon was a beautiful woman who was a film star. She was known for her beautiful hands.

MIKE BAILEY: Young Man and Soccer Player

Mike Bailey was a young man who played soccer.

ARTHUR RISEMAN: Lier, Ambitious, Old Man, Polite and Serious

Arthur Riseman was an old man who was known for being a liar and ambitious. Despite that, he was also polite and serious.

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