Change and permanence

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Change and permanence: The first problem is metaphysical is considered one of the first to be asked in the history of philosophy, the problem of permanence and Change. Greek thinkers were impressed by two basic characteristics of the world: the fact that naturals so changes and the continuity of certain permanent conditions .- The solution aparentementes Aristotelian Aristotle is the most important metaphysical theory that brings the ancient Greek to solve the problem of change and permanencia.Segun Aristotle, two aspects should be identified any natural event -> forma.La subject matter and is something that remains is subject variaciones.La support or form is what is gained or lost in cambio.Todos processes and each of the objects in the world can only be understood in terms of subject matter and forma.La is that which is capable of assuming different formas.La shape of an object at a given time is its being in action. The solution of Democritus: The constituents of the real world are units according Democrito physical individual atoms (which can not be divided) Each atom has a characteristic inalterables.Los atoms has the property of being in constant change of position, collide and are then projected in different directions and are agreed diversas.Democrito believed he could develop a theory on the nature of reality with which to account for all we know the world of atoms cosmos.El is always the mismo.Democrito could explain the apparent change in terms of changing composite of atoms.

What is the origin of knowledge from the point of view of philosophy?: Empiricism: Empiricists claim that sense experience is the starting point of all saber.Los senses give us all the raw data for the world, and without that raw material absoluto.En opened not know its purest form, empiricism holds that sensory experience is already contained all our saber.Un example is the British philosopher John Locke.El empiricism is a very general term that applies to doctrines which place the levy on the thinking .- Rationalism: Not all philosophers have thought that the senses operate alone in the manufacture of our beliefs, but some can not be derived from sensory experience, or can not be provided from any perception that we can tener.Los rationalists have maintained that the initial starting points of all our knowledge are not the rationalism razon.El senses but the doctrine applies to which place the percibir.Los think about the rationalist philosophers argue that foundations of our knowledge are self-evident propositions.

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