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-First world war: alliances / industrial & technological advances used manufactured weapons / society transformed: men at war, women at work

 -Russias participation affected population
 -Spain remained neutral but government had to deal with P E S problems
 -Avant-garde movement influented art

-Causes: France wanted to recover Lorraine & Alsace / Austro-hungarian empire occupied & then annexed Bosnia-herzegovina. This led to nationalist protest by serbians living in Bosnia. It angered Russia, serbia´s traditional ally / Industralised EU countries expanded their empires and compited for colonies control / Britain & G became involved in a naval arms race > dreadnoughts

-Participants: central powers / the allied powers. Italy reminded neutral. 

-Phases: Initial German offensives 1914 " invading belgium (neutral) as France, G forces fighting > prevent Russian advances / Trench warfare and new allies 1915-1917 front between G & allies > period of " / Allied viztories & the armistance 1918 Kaiser Wilhelm II abdicated and the armistance was signed on 11 November 1918

-War economy: recent inventions > telegraph, armoured tanks, machine guns... Production consumer goods decreased > shortages > prices increased. Governments introduced rationing systems. Blank market.

-Social effects: conscripted or recluited. Adversitements. Women in factories replacing them. 

-Peace settlement: allied powers Paris Peace Conference. Reconcilation rejected. 

-Peace treaties (Treaty of versailles > G): not air force / pay reparations / sign war-guilt clause / returned 2 to france

-Consequences: death & injurity / Material destruction / Economic decline / New EU states / colonial changes

-Tsarist Empire: absolute monarchy>tsar. Civil rights no recognised. Repression / economy semi feudal / bourgueoisie & working class / Problems: RSDLP aim to stablish socialist state > marxist ideology. 

RSDLP: mensheviks - Martov / Bolsheviks - Lenin
Protests suppressed, in response revolutionary council (soviet)

-Revolutions February: Russian rev Nicholas II abdicate. Mensheviks provisional government > political parties legal. Bolsheviks opposed > government based on soviets. Treaty of Brest- Litovsk. 
Prsecuting - killed - Civil War - white russians - counter revolutionaries - Union of soviet socialist replublics - constitution -  comunist - Karl Marx´s - Comunist Party of the Soviet Union - means of production

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