The Catcher in the Rye: Study Guide Questions and Answers

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Study Guide Questions

1. What is the name of the novel we have been studying in class?

The name of the novel we are studying is The Catcher in the Rye

2. Where does D.B live?


3. What is D.B's job?

D.B's job is a screenwriter in Hollywood

4. What is Pencey Prep?

Pencey Prep is a boarding school where Holden was; there were stupid phony people

5. What does Holden think about D.B's job?

Holden thinks that D.B's job is a prostitute because he sells his scripts

6. Why was all the fencing team upset?

They were upset because Holden left the equipment in the subway

7. Who is Old Spencer?

Old Spencer was Holden's teacher

8. Why did Old Spencer want to see Holden before Christmas break?

He wanted to say goodbye

9. Why wasn't Holden going back to school in January?

He wasn't coming back because he got expelled

10. The author's name is?

J.D. Salinger

11. Who is the principal character in the novel?

The main character is Holden

12. Why was Holden in New York?

He is on the fencing team and forgot the equipment in the subway

13. Tell us something about Pencey Prep?

Pencey Prep is a boarding school where all the people were stupid phony people

14. Who is Doctor Thurmer?

Doctor Thurmer is the principal; he expelled Holden

15. What did Doctor Thurmer tell Holden?

He told him that he is expelled for failing 4 classes

16. How many classes did Holden fail?

Holden failed 4 out of 5 classes; the only one he passed was English because he was good at it

17. Why was Holden angry that Old Spencer was reading his old exam?

He was angry because he knew that all the exam was wrong

18. What did Old Spencer yell to Holden as he left the house?

Good luck

19. Who is D.B?

He is Holden's older brother; he works in Hollywood

20. What excuse did Holden use to leave Old Spencer's house?

The excuse was that he was visiting an old friend

21. In what year was Holden at Pencey Prep?


22. What did one student do in the middle of the speech? He farted

23. Who is Stradlater?

He is Holden's roommate

24. What piece of clothing did Holden put in his dorm room?

He had a red hunting hat

25. Why did Stradlater always make sure he is looking good?

He always makes sure he looks good because he is a narcissist

26. What does the favor that Stradlater wanted Holden to do?

He asked him to write a composition

27. Why wasn't Holden supposed to do the assignment good?

He was supposed to write bad because Stradlater was bad at writing

28. How did Holden know Jane?

He knows her from their childhood, and they played checkers

29. On what subject did Holden write Stradlater's essay?

He wrote about Stradlater's sister (Allie) and a baseball glove

30. How did Allie die?

Allie died from leukemia

31. What did Holden do on the night that Allie died?

He punched the windows in the garage

32. Why was Stradlater mad about the essay that Holden wrote?

He was mad because it was too good

33. Why was Holden's nose bleeding?

It was bleeding because Stradlater punched him

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