Carbon monoxide along with oxygen a person feel suffocated because a) carbon monoxide reacts with oxygen b)lungs are are affected by carbon dioxide c)haemoglobin combines more rapidly with carbon monoxide than oxygen

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NICOTINE: *afects the brain, it is a simulant, which means that it make you feel more active and alert. *makes heart rate and blood presure increase, which leads to heart desease. *it is an addictive, it is very hard to do without it.

TAR: *tar cigarette smoke is absorbed by some of the cells in the lungs, specially bronchi and bronchides. -bronchi and bronchides: normally this cells forma thin protective layer but tar makes them divide and build up into a thiker layer, this leads to cancer. *it is an irritant: it inflam the linings respiratory passages causinf chinoic bronchitic. *damages celia and causes extra mocus, bacteria breed in the mocus is made, this cause infections. * people start caughing to remove the mocus, the constant caughing damage de alveoli, this makes difficult for the person to get oxygen in the blood, this is called emphysema.

CARBON DIOXIDE: *absorbed in the blood were is combined with haemoglobin so there is less hermoglobin to carry oxygen. *makes body cells less able to absorb oxygen from blood. Brain cells are specially sensitive to this. *causes babies to born smaller than the average.

GLUE-SNIFFING: this can kill. When a substance containing solvent is sniffed, the solvent goes into the nose and gaseous exchange sistem and it is absorbed in the blood. Many of these organic solvents are dangerous, they cause: -dizziness. -loss of coordination. -unconsiousness. 
Many young people have died because of the toxic effects of the solvent in the brain. Sometimes the solvent makes the person vomit while they are unconcious and they shoke on their vomit.

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