The Canterville Ghost: Summary, Analysis, and Questions

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The Canterville Ghost

Why did Hiram B. Otis receive negative reactions after he decided to buy Canterville Chase?

Because the house was haunted.

Where was Canterville Chase and how did people get there?

In England, he arrived at the nearest train station and then they take a carriage.

What event happened on the spot where Mrs Otis noticed the bloodstain?

It was Lady Eleanore’s blood and she was murdered by her husband Simon in 1575.

Why do you think the Otis family promised Mrs Umney a higher salary?

Because she was scared.

Why did Mr Otis close and lock the library before going to bed?

Because the blood stain was coming back and he wanted to see if it was the ghost.

What was the noise which awakened Mr Otis?

It was the sound of the ghost’s chains.

Was Mr Otis scared at seeing the Ghost? Explain your answer.

No, he wasn’t afraid, he just wanted to put some oil in his chains to slow down the noise.

What was the connection between Tammany Rising Sun Lubricator and Mr Otis' sleep?

If he put in the Lubricator, Mr. Otis could sleep.

Why did the Ghost throw the bottle violently against the floor?

Because he was angry.

Why did the Ghost want to take revenge?

Because he had been insulted.

Who wasn't amused by the changing of the bloodstain colour? How did she react?

Virginia was always angry.

What did the Ghost see near Washington's room? Describe it.

He saw a noisy ghost that was not moving that had a demonic smile.

Why did the Ghost look for the second ghost again at dawn?

Because two ghosts are better.

What did the twins do to the Ghost when he appeared as the Headless Earl?

They threw a bucket of water and the bucket of water fell on the ghost.

What did Mr Otis write to Lord Canterville?

A missing ghost report.

Why didn't Virginia run to her room when she saw the Ghost in the Tapestry Chamber?

Because he felt bad for him.

How had the Ghost made the bloodstain reappear?

He had stolen Virginia's paintings.

What did the Ghost want Virginia to help him to do?

He wanted to be forgiven, Virginia had to cry for her sins.

Whose voices did Virginia hear when she was helping the Ghost? What did they want to stop her doing?

She heard evil voices.

How long was Virginia missing before she was found?

Disappeared in the afternoon until midnight.

Did the Ghost apologise for his actions before he died? What did he say?

Yes, it was very bad but he was very sorry.

What did the blossoming of the almond tree mean?

That God had forgiven the ghost.

Why didn't Lord Canterville accept the jewels?

Lord thought the ghost might come again.

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