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The fin-de-siècle:

It’s a period of English history which refers to the end of the 19th Century until 1901.

Queen Victoria was crowned in 1837 and during the Victorian Age, England was a Country where repression was a common thing in everyday life. Repression against Homosexuality and sex in general was forbidden in literature and theatre.

In the Fin-de-siècle, which is a period which belongs to the Age of Modernism, there Is a reaction or rejection to Victorian values and they start to criticize the Repression and the Industrial world. (Aestheticism/Symbolism)

A very Important thing in the fin-de-siècle are the utopian works. The word utopia is Divided in two words u → no and topia → where. So one of the most important works of this period is News from Nowhere.

In the Fin-de-siècle, Realism is very important because the 19th Century Was the century of the Industrial Revolution and writers started to write about The working conditions but also symbolism started to develop. Yeats, an Irishman, is a very good example of Symbolism, he said that literature us a key Of enter in other world, the world of symbols, an immaterial world.

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