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The play begins with the death of Bernarda's husband. After the Mass for the dead, the whole town goes to the widow's house, where women enter the room who have previously prepared and cleaned the maids. While men are chatting in the courtyard.
Already in the house, Bernarda makes all the neighbors whispering with his comments on whether their daughters deserve to men of that town, then they all begin to pray.
When everyone leaves, Bernarda's daughters begin to talk about the legacy his father left them. The one that takes the best part is the eldest daughter, Sorrows. The other sisters discuss the fate of Sorrows, as well as the heritage, the handsome-looking boy of the village, wants to marry her.
Then Adela begins to mourn for them imposed mourning her mother, and they can not go out or talk to men in many years, except of course, anxiety.
Later, one of the sisters said that Pepe el Romano (the suitor of Sorrows) to the street and go all to see less Adela, who first resists, then the end is.
Before going to the window to see Pepe, Adela opens the door to his grandmother (Maria Josefa) although her mother has forbidden it, but she does it to avenge the mourning so long imposed upon them.
Maria Josefa is addressed to Bernard, who at that time in the company of the maid Poncia, and says that despite her age she wants to marry, and so being able to march in that town. The orders Bernarda and her daughters Poncia the lock again.
2nd ACT
The event begins with the image of La Poncia and Bernarda's daughters (with the exception of Adela) sewing the sheets for the trousseau of Sorrows.
Start talking about how strange it is Adela and why is not there with them. They continue to talk and draw the subject of Pepe el Romano, who according Angustias left the night before at one-half (but martyrdom and Poncia know that he left much later). Continuing to talk about the engagement that Pepe has done just Anxiety and Poncia telling about his youth.
Later Adela leaves her room and asks wryly Martyrdom why there is a lack of sleep, and do it because she and the Poncia know that Adela and Pepe are the evenings when the boy leaves Sorrows.
After Angustias discovers that someone has stolen the only photo he has of Pepe and starts to cry, making a fuss when it comes to soothe and Bernarda sends Poncia registering the rooms of her daughters. Finally found the photo's Poncia between the sheets of the bed of Martyrdom, and it says it was a joke but is actually hiding.
While the Poncia an ongoing conversation with Adela, where he discovers that she is in love with Pepe el Romano, street noises are heard. These sounds are due to the uproar of the people armed men carried a woman to the mountain to abuse it as punishment for killing an illegitimate child he had fathered. Adela finds out and asks clemency for women.
ACT 3 º
The event begins with the image of all the daughters of Bernarda sitting at the table eating. Prudence, a woman of the people who came to visit, Angustias asks how are the preparations for his wedding and it explains them.
Prudence Adela leaves and goes to the portal in the company of Amelia and Martirio, while, Magdalena has fallen asleep in a chair and collects Angustias table. Bernarda is present at the scene, he asks to talk to Angustias Martyrdom of the portrait subject.
Then Bernarda Angustias asks if tonight will be her suitor, and she says no because he accompanied his mother to the capital. Re-enter the other three sisters and Bernarda sends them all to sleep.
All women of the family go to bed and The Maid Poncia and are talking about it is the suitor. And when the maids were to withdraw, Adela is the excuse that he is thirsty. When the servants leave, Adela goes softly into the back gate. Behind rises Martirio, the cultu
re and start arguing. Everyone wakes up and tells Martyrdom Bernarda that Adele was with Pepe el Romano in the haystack. Because of all this feels desolate Angustias Bernarda, after scolding Adela, takes a shotgun to fire at Pepe. Adela thinking he has killed, he runs to his room and shut himself in it. Bernarda finally gets the door open with a hammer and the Poncia the youngest daughter is dead, Adela has committed suicide.

BERNARD: is a mature woman of 60 who was married twice, his first marriage had a daughter, anguish and his second marriage four: Magdalena, Amelia, Martirio and Adela. It has a strong character, strict, cruel and cold. It symbolizes the ultimate authority, is a woman who worries excessively about the outward appearance that gives her and her family and this prompts her to keep a family system much like a dictatorship.
ADELA: is a young 20 years with a humanitarian nature and zest for life. You could say that is cheerful, naive and passionate. Is the youngest daughter of Bernarda and her father's protege, but when he dies, you feel more helpless before his mother that the other sisters, so exalts more easily. It is characterized by rebellion and represents the desire for freedom, so is opposition to all her sisters.
Maria Josefa: Bernarda's mother is a 80 years old. Bernarda kept locked so people do not see the people because they think she's crazy. It is the character who symbolizes oppression and that always breaks the tension in the house.
ANGUSTIAS: is the eldest daughter of Bernarda and is 39 years old. She is the lucky one, both because it is the only one who is getting married and because she is the heir, and therefore symbolizes both luck and misfortune. Like most of her sisters, does not face things, but is resigned to what they impose.
MAGDALENA: is a 30-year-old daughter of Bernarda. She is the true image of resignation in the play, representing a girl tamed by the authority of his mother.
AMELIA: it is another daughter of Bernarda and is 27. She is the friend who gives no problems (also another sign of resignation).
Martyrdom is a 24 year-old and another of the younger daughters of Bernarda. She symbolizes envy and malice and all because the love that feels for Pepe el Romano.
PONCIA: is an elderly lady aged 60 and one of the maids of Bernarda. Sometimes, she and Bernardo did not seem to have a boss-employee relationship, but rather from friends, but nevertheless do not get along and knows how to keep Bernarda. What characterizes this character is the irony with which symbolizes antihipocresía speech.
WOMAN: This is a woman of 50 years and maid of Bernarda. This character symbolizes the evil caused.
Pepe el Romano: is a handsome young man of the people and has over 25 years. Although not directly out on the scene, the character is crucial as it is the reason for everything that happens in the house of Bernarda. Represents the object of desire and he unleashed envy, jealousy, sexual desire, etc.., Ultimately symbolizes love.

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