A body is placed in a certain airstream

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Non-s defences act against any type of microorganism. Is carried out by phagocytes: white blood cells that eliminate microorganisms. This process is phagocytosis./Inflammatory response is a non-s defence. When pathogens get through the external barriers, the blood cells  increase the blood flow. This help the transport of phagocytes towards the infected area. Inflammation occurs in the connective tissues with many blood capillaries. Large numbers of phagocytes destroy the pathogens. The remains are pus/Specific defences. When a non-specific response doesn’t stop a pathogen, there is: a specific immune response. Is carried out by lymphocytes, a type of white blood cells./Lymphocytes recognize antigens entering the body. The lymphocytes are activated by the antigen and respond by producing antibodies, specialized proteins. T-cells recognize antigens and destroy them.B-cells produce antibodies specific to the antigen/Some T- and B-cells become memory cells. So, if the same antigen invades the body again, the memory cells “remember” it, the attack will be faster and the person will not get sick. The body will be immune to that disease.

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