Block fuel = 100 gal Trip fuel = 55 gal Fuel density = 6 lbs/gal Determine block fuel moment

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1: A) What’s wrong with the photocopier?
B) I don’t know. It’s not found
A) What happens if you switch it off and then on again?
B) It still doesn’t work.
A) Do you want me to have a look?
B) No thanks. We need an engineer.
A) Ok. I’ll ring for a taxi. Can I get your mobile for a minute?
B) I go call the engineer out.
A) How soon can he get here?
B) I’ll ask someone to come right away.
A) Thank you very much for your help.
B) It’s all right.
2.Only use the brushcutter to cut material such grass, brush and wood.
Check That the blade is correctly tightened before using the brushcutter.
Never operate the brushcutter without wearing goggles.
When operating the brushcutter, make sure that other people are more than 15 metres away.
Always wear ear protectors.
keep your hands and feet with gloves and strong shoes.
Never operate the brushcutter with only one hand.
Protect your hands and feet away from the blade.
To reduce the risk of burns, do not touch the engine.
Keep the safety guard in position at all times.
Sharp the blade after a long use.
Turn off the engine before putting the brushcutter down.
Fill up the brushcutter with fuel outdoors.
Don’t allow children to use the brushcutter.
Never smoke or bring any flame near the fuel.
3.The spoon lowering on the pivot.
The fan is blowing air into the room.
In the storeroom the lamps are suspended from the ceiling.
The ball rolled down the hill yesterday.
The crane driver accidentally rotated the load on the ground last week.
To raise the load, please attach it to the hook.
You can go into the building by pushing the main door.
The crane dropped the load carefully on the ship this early morning.
If you don’t use sun protection, the sun could burn your skin.
Be careful, this table is supported by only three legs.

4:Length : 65 mm Material : latex

Height : 93 mm Colour : green

Width : 32 mm Sizes : small, medium and large

Recording Times : 60 min at 15 frames per second    

Pack Sizes : 100 pairs per box, 10 boxes Per case

Dimensions : 12.9 in x 11.6 in x 3.7 in Speed : 20 Pages per minute

Weight : 3.31 lbs Memory : 4 MB builtin RAM

Power Consumption : 25 watts Operating temperature : 5ºC – 40 ºC

Price : $63.72 Software : MS Windows

Guarantee : 12 months Tank volume : 0.93 gal

Voltage : 230 V  Pressure : 120 psi

5: Be Careful with those glass tubes.

B) Why?

A) Because they will break.

A) Did you Fix the frony door yesterday?

B) Yes I did .

A) Slow down.

B) Why?

A) We will be late. There’s an hour before your train Leaves.

A) Don’t leave those pipes there or nobody won’t find Them.

A) Did he check the hard drive last monday?

B) No, he didn’t .

A) Will you Go to school tomorow ?

B) Yes I willDid

you Forget anything there?

A) Yes I did Could you bring it to me when you come Back?

B) Sure.

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