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Analyze: To study something in detail 

Anticipate: Expect, to eagerly wait for something 
Charades: Game in which peaople have to guess a word or phrase based on actions of a player who may not speak 
Conscience: Knowledge of right and wrong 
Fulfill your potential: Accomplish all that you can
Gullible: When someone beleives everything that he or she hears
Instinct: A stong feeling you have that something is true although you cant  explain why
Intuition: Power of knowing or understanding something quickly through feelings
Outrageous: Crazy
Procrastinate: Postpone
Pursue: Try to obtain or accomplish, Go after 
Reflect on: Thinks about, consider
Role of: function of, influence of 
Setback: an issue that slow down or stops progress on makes things worse 
Stubborn: Not willing to change ones mind or way of thinking 

Candle-it: Lit up only by the ligth of candles
Creepy: spooky, Scary, Causing fear or uneasiness
dreadful: terrible,  very unpleasant 
Frantically: in a very nervou, urgent way, frenzied
Ghost-like: have the appearance or a characteristics of a ghost 
Haunted: Visited or occupied by ghost 
Irrational: not based on reasoning or logic
No basis in fact: Not based on true facts or information 
Notorious: Famous or well know for something negative
Rational: based on reason rather than emotion 
Supernatural beings: Creature that rsult from a force beyond the laws of nature or scientific understanding.
Superstition: Irrational belief that magical or other  supernatural causes will lead to certain  consequences or events that will effect ones life.
Thinks your ayes are deceiving you: Thinks you are seeing things that are not really there.
Weird: Strange, Inusual  

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