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3-carbon dioxide concentration

4-carbon dioxide+water+glucose+oxygen
6-water enters through the root hair cell by osmosis and then the xylem transports the water to the leaf and the rest of the plant
7-the evaporation of water from the leaves through the stomata
10-A)root hair cell B)palisade cell.They both hace a large surface area to absorb things A_water minerals B-light
11)the partially permable membrabe allows only small cells to go through, thats way water goes into the blood.Water oves froma a hiugh concentrartion (colon) to a low ( blood)Process:osomsis
12)an alternative way could be getting the gas through a seringe and measuring the volume
13)the plant will grow faster if there is more carbon dioxide because it will make more photosynthesis and it will make it quicker

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