Benefits of Having Siblings and Challenges of Being an Only Child

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Benefits of Having Siblings

  • Siblings promote physical activity, reducing the likelihood of obesity.
  • Parents save money by handing down and sharing items between children.
  • Being an only child can enhance imagination and sociability.

Challenges of Being an Only Child

  • Only children may feel lonely without close school friends or during family crises.
  • Caring for elderly parents can be more stressful for only children.


    • I have been helping.
    • I was trying.
    • I took.
    • They had already disappeared.
    • It is going to sell.
    • I will be attending.
    • I will have finished.
    • They are holding.
    • I will call.
    • How long has it been since you swapped with a Canadian family?
    • When did your daughter learn to surf?
    • What have you been doing some research about?
    • Does your flight leave at 22:00?
    • Did he join the band before they won the prize?
    • I have known my boss since 2008.
    • How long has she been teaching maths?
    • Steve got a job when he left the school.
    • Isn't the auction next week?

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