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STUD. ONLINE: has lots of disadvantages, but also advantages. Nowadays there’s lot of people that prefers studying online than going to school, why? We’ll know it after reading some for and against ideas of studying online. There are many reasons to take all or some courses online. On the one hand, we have that, most time, not all the courses you want to study are next to your home and that can also influence when you decide which course take. Instead of changing your mind, you can take an online course. Also, the cost is lower, it’s more comfortable, you decide your own schedule… On the other hand, there are disadvantages as not having a teacher who can help you with your doubts, you dont meet people and be sociable helps a lot in your future. In conclusion, if you’re working, or you have difficulties with your timetable, you can take an online course instead of prejudicing your future (involved with studies). GOING UNI:is a decision that lot of students doubt to decide. I mean, when most most students finished school, they dont know what to study or were to go and some are not comfortable with the idea of going to univ. The benefits of going to uni are that you can access more specialist jobs, it also makes you more employable, and depending on the career, it only takes you 4-5 years.There are also cons that are so destacable, it’s expensive and you only have an scholarship if you obtain high marks before, a degree doesnt guarantee a job so that means, working (maybe) about sth you don’t like or not working. In conclusion, you need to be sure about the career you decide to study bc that’ll influence your life and also your future. STUD ABROAD:can bring with it many advantages and disadvatages too. The idea of studying abroad can seem like a fabulous opportunity but it also depends on people and how they're like. Stdying abroad, is not all fun and awesome. That means (in most cases)to being on your own and manage to do everything by yourself without help. In my opinion those things I said before, are only some of all the difficulties you'll find, but what youcan gain when you go abroad is not only academic knowledge and that's so good to grow up as a person. On the other hand u can gain life experience,new culture (moving to another country means learn new traditions, cultures and also customs). In conclusion, from my point of view, stud abroad its ans opportunity you should never refuse because colud give u lot of posibilities, opportunities in your life. And if you find yourself in a complicated situation like being homesick, u can always go back home. So... Le's try it! STUD. 6TH FORM:is a decision that carries out to be able to implant it in the schools or not, that decision has much controversy.First of all, a 6th form college is were teenagers tipically study for advanced school -level qualific. In my opinion, these classes have som pros that are destacable, for ex that classes are smaller and that forces students to work harder (theres no way to hide at class or being unnoticed). Also, students only have (usually) 3 hs of class (its true that are harder) but they have more time after classes. But like always, there are cons like you're not given a lot of options beside univ. Overall, I think that 6th form isnt for everyone.I cant imagine all kind of students in a 6th form, at first week they'd be defeated.

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