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Italian nationalist: leadership from Kingdom of piedmont-sardinia

Largets and most industralised kingdomin The italian península

1852-king victor Emanuel II named count Cavor his prime minister

thanks to his diplomacy and well chosen Aliances he set about gaining control of northern itali for piedmont-sardinia

1858-Napoleon III helped to drive Austria Out of northern italy

they provoked a war against Austria ( They won battles of magneta and sofferino)

in 1859-lombardy was added to Piedmont-sardinia (they gave france nice and savoy)

1860- guiseppe garibaldy secretly held Italian nationalist in the south against the kingdom of the two sicilies Marching north

the italian was signed

venetia became part of italy-1866. Then it Was given to france by Austria due to his neutrality

1870-papal states ere conquered capital Was set in rome victor emanul II. King of italy

france and italy made a treat for venetia Savoy and nice

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